Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tractor Pull

I have never been to a tractor pull, nor have I ever pulled a tractor.  As a matter of fact, until moving to the country in January, we had a push lawnmower and I had never even ridden a riding mower.  I also never had a pick up truck- Jetta was more like it, so much has changed in the way of vehicles on our drive (which of course is gravel, not paved concrete). 
A couple of months ago, after a not so good experience buying a used tractor (we do not really know enough about tractors to know a good deal or bad deal when we see it), we bought a Kabota.  Honestly I was a little intimidated at first. BUT then I got on and it was LOVE.  There is something about putting tunes on the iPod, and just riding the Kabota for hours on end and seeing all that grass cut and bushhogged.
Last weekend, while I was sewing upstairs, Mike ran up and said "Come here! You need to pull the tractor out of a ditch".  Oh my goodness, I had no idea what I was going to see or do upon going outside.  I hopped in the truck and drove out to where Big Orange had gotten stuck.  The belly of the mower was jammed in a ditch out front. We hooked up (very fancy like), the tractor to the truck and I got in and I was pulling a tractor!  I got the silliest thrill out of the whole thing!  I felt like I had a REAL farmgirl experience!  It was really such a thrill and I guess a mark in the sand-- I am not in the city anymore!  YEAH ME!