Friday, October 5, 2012

Love, Love, Love to COOK!

I really, really love to cook.  I was gone most of September and then just hit the grocery on the way back in and  bought "whatever."  That is not my "normal."  I like to plan my menus then shop to that.  The result is that I never wonder what is for dinner and I don't waste stuff that I buy impulsively. AND after working at a computer for the day I love to play some music, pour a glass of wine and cook.  It relaxes me to look out the window towards the pond and bird feeders, and to see the vastness and calmness of our property. Cooking yummy veggies and grains makes it all feel "good for me."
With that being said, I was so excited to make my menus last night and for the first time in two weeks, head to the grocery today.  So, you may be curious about what's for dinner during the next several nights---
Here's what's cooking:
  • Rustic Farro Soup
  • Shrimp and Zucchini with Brown Rice
  • Baked Penne
  • Roasted Squash with Kale
  • Carrot Soup with Roasted Pistachios
  • Lentil Quinoa Pilaf over Arugula
  • Vegetarian Brats with Warm Potato Salad
  • Southwest Quinoa with Black Beans
With great recipes like these at hand with the ingredients to match I cannot wait to pick and choose nightly what is on the menu.  I am planning to add a page on the site for recipes and pictures, so stay tuned!

How about you?  Planner, Impulsive? Like to cook or not?


  1. Can't wait to see the recipes and photos! Wondering if you are vegetarian?

  2. Hi Paula! Thanks for reading and commenting. I am 90% vegetarian... which means I occasionally eat meat but it is rare. I hate to say I will NEVER eat something EVER again, so I keep away from titling what I do. My diet is plant based and I shop at organic stores and from local farmers. How about you?

  3. We are still soul mates! One of my favorite things is to cook with music and a glass of wine. As I was at this very task two days ago, I thought how wonderful it is to be at home, to foster warmth and hospitality, and to savor the blessings. Thanks for all your happy posts!

    1. Hi Kris! Thanks for reading and commenting. As I post this I am cooking, listening to jazz and having a glass of red in my leve filled home. Life is great!